More Ways To Eat Your Greens + 4 Reasons Why We Can’t Get Enough

87% of Americans don’t get their daily minimum requirement of greens, 8Greens found a way to change that.


Reason 1

New ways to get in your greens

From tablets that make a tasty fizzy drink, to gummies, chewables, and delicious lollipops—there’s an option for literally everyone to get their daily greens in.

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Reason 2

They keep it real

8 Green’s supplements are made from REAL greens – not from green extracts, artificial greens, or made with 4x the daily sugar recommended like other leading brands. Just 8 REAL good-for-you greens from the farm. The ingredients were carefully chosen to help improve your energy, immune support, and overall well-being.

Reason 3

5 star taste (even according to kids)

“These are so good! I was not expecting to like these but the flavor was great and MY KIDS LIKED THEM! My mind is blown and I’m so excited. They taste fruity and you can not tell they have anything good in them lol. My kids were fooled (because they HATE anything good for them)! I’m so excited to check out more from this brand.” – J. Lannon

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Reason 4

Simplify your routine

It can be tough to cook, blend or mix a healthy serving. 8Greens fits seamlessly into your lifestyle—no mess, no blender, no clean-up. With our busy lives, we could all use one less thing to worry about.

Eating your greens never tasted so good