Meet your all-in-one drink with natural caffeine and real greens

Here’s 5 reasons why this tasty, one-minute, natural energy source also helps you get your greens in to help combat any busy schedule:



Superior, natural energy source

8Greens effervescent tablets contain Guarana, Yerba Mate and Coffeeberry – three plant-based ingredients chosen for their natural sources of caffeine that give a healthy, reliable boost of energy, unlike the typical spike and crash of a cup of coffee or other energy supplements. Just one tablet helps increase your productivity, aids in physical performance, reduces tiredness and fatigue.

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Pack in your greens with your caffeine

The ingredients were carefully chosen to not only help energize you as much as a cup of coffee, but benefit your overall well-being too. Made with 8 REAL greens–Spinach, Kale, Aloe Vera, Wheatgrass, Blue Green Algae, Barley Grass, Chlorella & Spirulina — Mega Energy is packed to the brim with health benefits — as much Vitamin C as 4 oranges and as much B12 as a whopping 10lbs of Salmon, all while tasting like refreshing peach tea. Can your cup of coffee do that?


The Absolute Best (5 + stars), Can’t live without it!

“It’s a perfect product. Tastes amazing, works like it has some kind of ‘magical powers’ and it works! (aka; makes you feel like a super hero!) I absolutely love it – and wouldn’t change a thing about it. Couldn’t recommend it any higher — and I’ve (literally) recommended it to everyone I care about. Massive ~ thank you~ to its creator and the team behind its production.” – Jack

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Simplify Your Routine

8Greens fits seamlessly into your lifestyle—no complicated preparation and no clean-up. Take one-minute to have a drink with the 8Greens effervescent tablet. With our busy lives, we could all use one less thing to worry about. Save a glass and get your greens and energy in one drink.


Subscribe and Save 15%

8Greens makes staying productive everyday easy with a subscription that also gets you 15% off every order. Choose your frequency and 8Greens will be automatically delivered to your door. If you ever change your mind, no worries – pausing or canceling your subscription is an option at any time.

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Get energized with both greens and caffeine.